Hiking in Eersel

Pricewinning municipality

Discover beautiful places in Eersel!

Pricewinning hiking municipality in 2014
The area of the municipality of Eersel is a paradise for hikers. The landscape has beautiful stream valleys, forests and natural areas with lakes and Moors. In addition, it is rich in cultural history.
Eersel has created, specially for large walks, a website: www.eerselwandelgemeente.nl
On this website you will find no less than 160 walks with a total length of about 1500 km!
In Vessem are 4 adventure routes: VVV Eersel sells a hiking map à €3.00. You can also walk through the app experience the Kempen. The app offers at Points of Interest background information, pictures, sound and video clips.
For short tours à €0.50 or a walking nodes map you can go to VVV Eersel. In addition to the nodes are the points of interest on, a hiking route per village and stories about the history and anecdotes of the villages. Nodes map Eersel, the Kempen map €5.95 €0.95.
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